More Information About Pilgrimage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Presbyterian Pilgrimage?
Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a purposefully designed method for renewing the faith of individuals and, through the individuals, the environments in which they live and work. It is a short course in living the Christian faith and is desgined to provide a framework for the development of Christians in the local church and the in the world. It is intended for Christians who seek continued growth in their faith and commitment. It is a life-changing experience.
How does Presbyterian Pilgrimage accomplish its aims?
During the weekend, participants form a small Christian community, worship and study together and communicate with one another in order to gain a personal, living awareness of their faith and the joys and responsibilities such a faith brings. The weekend itself is centered around talks, with some given by lay people and some by clergy. After each talk the participants and staff, in small groups, interact and discuss the presentation. Worship, communion, small group interactions, lots of music and a number of fun events enhance the weekend experience.
The activities provide an opportunity for the participants to discover a new and exciting relationship with Christ and to encourage them to then take that newfound relationship back to their home, work and church environments. The 3 day weekend is just the beginning of a life long process of deliberately and joyfully living the Christian life.
Who goes to Presbyterian Pilgrimage?
You do not have to be Presbyterian to attend.
The weekend is not designed to convert from unbelief to belief. It is intended for Christians who already have faith and who seek continued growth in that faith and commitment. It is the goal of Pilgrimage to guide participants into an even closer and more personal relationship with Christ, and to heighten their joy, deepen their faith and invigorate their life in Christ. Pilgrimage intends to return the participants to all the environments in which they have influence and, through them, to affect those environments in a Christian manner.
The weekend is also not intendend for those in the middle of a major life crisis.
Both single and married persons are welcome. Married couples are encouraged to attend together; however, where this is difficult, the spouse who can attend is encouraged to do so.

The staff is composed of clergy and lay persons who have previously attended a weekend and have been trained to serve in this leadership role.

How much does it cost?
Costs for the weekend are primarily the charges for lodging, meals and use of the retreat center. Since the staff pay their own expenses, and since much of the material used during the weekend is contributed by previous attendees, costs are kept to a minimum. The fee is $150.00 per participant. In order that no one be prohibited because of expense, full or partial scholarships are available on a confidential basis. You may discuss a scholarship with the Registrar.
What happens after Presbyterian Pilgrimage is over?
The weekend is only a beginning. What you learn and share during the weekend is intended to be taken and put into practice in local congregations and communities. You will be supported by many others who have attended a weekend. You will have the opportunity to meet weekly in small groups to reinforce one another and to share the Christian life. Larger groups meet every eight to ten weeks to share the joy and fellowship of our faith. The objective of Pilgrimage is to inspire, challenge and equip each local church member for Christian action in the church, home, place of work and community.
Is Presbyterian Pilgrimage for me?
Seek God’s guidance in making your decision. Some of those who have attended wondered whether they should go. Now that they have attended, they want to share this wonderful gift from God with you. One measure of Pilgrimage’s impact is the large number of participants who want to return to serve on staff at a subsequent weekend. Consider attending a weekend that will truly enrich your faith and life!
What are some of the churches that participants have come from?
Participants have come from all over Texas and even as Australia. Check out participating churches for a full listing!